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世界中のHappy ISLAND SLIPPER Familyのために、これからも“変わらない最高品質”のサンダルを作り続けます。

【Island Slipper】: Made by hand in Hawaii Since 1946.They are now internationally recognized as high function, fashion conscious and high quality sandals.

【Island Slippers】 are made at their own factory in the small town of Honolulu.Using Hawaiian traditional cloth and selected leather from the mainland USA, all of their products are put together by hand, with great affection and care. Current owners, Mr. Matt & Mrs. Tersha Carpenter say, ' Each craftsman bring special skills, and a special eye for quality. ‘Their effort and care is seen in every pair of sandals. 【Island Slippers】 fit your local life style and your feet perfectly . They are not just for wearing on the beach.

Japanese immigrant, Takizo Motonaga produced the original innovative sandals based on traditional Japanese style zori. His children continued to run the company. In 1986, the Motonaga family offered the company to John Carpenter. Under his leadership, 【Island Slipper】has expanded to become a world-famous sandal maker.

But , as always, 【Island Slipper】continues to manufacture locally. Their commitment to making sandals of outstanding quality will never change forever. For Happy【Island Slipper】Family all over the world.